Collège de Paris - 09.06.23

ECOR and ECAR are the two new eco-responsible schools at Collège de Paris

As part of its commitment to the ecological transition, Collège de Paris is integrating two new eco-responsible schools: ECOR – École de Commerce Éco Responsable and ECAR – École d’Assistanat Éco Responsable, which will start their academic year in October. Both schools offer initial or sandwich courses in Paris and Lille.

Two schools, one common goal

The aim of ECOR and ECAR is to train future workers to meet new environmental requirements and to offer a school that meets the expectations of young people wishing to get involved in the fight against climate impact.

Future students will be able to study in an ecologically responsible environment thanks to the implementation of the following measures within the two schools: [LB1] A zero paper and all recyclable objective.


Zero paper and recyclable materials: Selective sorting has been introduced in every classroom, with the aim of achieving zero paper and recyclable materials;
Campuses housed in HQE (High Environmental Quality) biosourced premises: this certification attests to the limited impact of the premises on the environment; [LB2] The cleaning products used in the premises are eco-friendly and the lighting is low-energy;
A zero carbon impact with a committed student life: zero paper, selective sorting in classrooms, vending machines offering organic products, etc. ;
The virtuous companies that host the students must have a CSR programme that has an impact.
One tree will be planted per graduating student.




An impact committee has been set up to establish high value-added actions in line with the schools’ environmental values and to ensure that they are carried out properly. [LB3] Made up of strong players committed to the ecological cause, this committee will help and support the transition of companies committed to sustainable development and to finding new solutions to protect the planet in the future.


“Intense droughts, water shortages, severe fires, floods, melting polar ice caps, catastrophic storms and declining biodiversity are all consequences of climate change. We need to take action, particularly through education, by supporting people who are aware of these impacts and want to contribute to the ecological transition at their own level. That’s why Collège de Paris has decided to set up these two eco-responsible schools to train future business executives to meet new environmental requirements”, says Fabrice Vigreux, Director of ECOR and ECAR.

Future students will study in an eco-responsible environment, thanks to the following measures implemented by the two schools
This certification attests to the limited impact of the sites concerned on the environment. [LB2]
An impact committee has been set up to establish high value-added actions in line with the school’s environmental values, and to ensure that they are carried out properly. [LB3]

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