Collège de Paris - 09.06.23

Ifocop and Collège de Paris seal their alliance

As part of an alliance between the two organisations, Ifocop, France’s leading provider of professional retraining, is joining the Collège de Paris community of institutions as a Founding Member with effect from 31 March.

Ifocop’s Board of Directors met on 31 March to implement the alliance strategy approved by the two organisations.

Several Collège de Paris entities are joining Ifocop’s governance, at the head of which Bertrand Lamour succeeds Jean-Marc Hamon as Chairman and CEO.

Bertrand Lamour joined Ifocop in October 2019 as Group Director, after almost 8 years with SNCF Voyages as Managing Director of CRM Services.

Jean-Marc Hamon will become Vice-President of the Collège de Paris.

This alliance between the Collège de Paris and the Ifocop Group aims to preserve Ifocop’s associative project and its unique identity in the conduct of its activities.

Ifocop has specialised in vocational retraining and work-linked training since 1969. Its mission is to offer its customers the best possible training experience. To achieve this, Ifocop offers training adapted to all situations – centre-based, work-linked, distance learning – with an unrivalled return-to-work rate of over 80% each year, within 6 months of the end of the course.

In this context, the aim of our project was to pool our mutual strengths by giving the Ifocop Group access to all the resources of Collège de Paris in terms of human skills, certifications and financial resources, while preserving its full operational autonomy.

This approach will make it possible to build up a portfolio of professional certifications unique in France, comprising 40 RNCP titles, and will ensure the diversification of Ifocop’s offering and therefore the security of its business through national and international development based on three areas: training for young people, particularly through apprenticeships, training for employees and training for jobseekers.

The development of projects and the search for synergies already underway between Ifocop and Collège de Paris will be continued and strengthened: digitalisation of programmes, training of trainers (Collège des Formateurs), site policy (Rungis Académie) etc.

Over and above our shared social values, this gives us a common strategic perspective based on three pillars: professional certification, diversification of audiences, development and innovation.

Collège de Paris’ intention was to propose an arrangement that would enable Ifocop to benefit from the Group’s dynamic while retaining its identity, which is what makes it so valuable.


Collège de Paris is a group of schools and professional training organisations operating in the technological, cultural, artistic, linguistic and managerial fields. Collège de Paris asserts its educational value thanks to its status as a company with a social role to play in the employment and integration of young people. The 50 member institutions of Collège de Paris share three core values

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