Digital education

Collège de Paris has developed online learning platforms to meet the current challenges of digital transformation.

e-Collège de Paris

Since the arrival of digital technology, lifestyles and work methods have evolved, so we have naturally followed this line by adapting. e-College of Paris offers a new online educational offer to all our students.

This online training model responds to current trends in modernization and digitalization. This campus transforms the programs offered by our member schools into digital programs. The courses offered have been created by faculty, they are powered by graphics, digital modules, videos and have the same grading system as a physical school.

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Upsilon offers distance learning in the French-speaking world based on three pillars

  1. Catalog of recognized professional diplomas divided into blocks of skills
  2. A network of physical offices providing individualized support to prevent students from dropping out
  3. Remote access to training content
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College de Paris has over 50 campuses both in France and overseas.

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