The mission of Collège de Paris is to make excellence accessible to all. We train three audiences: young people, employees and job seekers.


Youth training

Our mission is to meet the educational challenges of the student body. We do this through the wide and extensive scope of our member schools. By offering Bac, intra Bac and up to Bac+5 training in all areas of education and throughout France. With varied fields of expertise that meet the challenges and trends of today’s professions: digital, management, luxury, fashion, design, digital, marketing, commerce, health, tourism, IT, secretarial work, etc.

Employee training

We also respond to the needs of people seeking to acquire new skills. Continuing education offers a wide range of services that meet the requirements of the professional world. Whether you are an individual or a company, a job seeker or a career change, our continuing education programs can meet your needs and offer a fully customized service that is adapted to your project.

Training for job seekers

We are committed to offering social and professional integration for each of our students, from all over France and from all social categories. We help young people and adults in difficulty in their professional insertion and foreigners by accompanying them in their steps and their projects. By offering adapted courses and personalized teaching formats according to each profile and career wishes.

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