Collège de Paris - 04.06.18

Another Student Experience with Groupe Réussite

Groupe Réussite accompanies high school and higher education students in various fields. It offers free resources on its site and blog, including annals, answers, programs, ebooks, books, courses, guidance articles and advice… equal opportunities begins with information and content. Groupe Réussite also offers support to students through intensive courses during school holidays, weekly monitoring in small groups throughout the year and private lessons at home. This personalised support enables students to prepare effectively for the post-baccalaureate competition and the bac.

Reverse Pedagogy and Quality of Monitoring

Groupe Réussite applies reverse pedagogy in its intensive courses and private lessons. Course summaries are sent in advance to students so that they can work before the placement or weekly follow-up. In the session, with the teacher, the students concentrate on exercises and practice in order to progress as much as possible.

An innovative follow-up

Groupe Réussite has set up a mobile application that allows students to work on their lessons and complete their MCQs. This allows for accurate monitoring and increased understanding of students’ difficulties.

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