Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Programme operated by Ascencia Business School

This 3-year degree programme is designed to give you a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company: marketing, human resources, management or commerce. Through a combination of lectures, case studies and small group projects you will be encouraged to take an active part in your learning. By the end of the course you will have gained the necessary study skills and strategies to succeed in a challenging global business environment.


The curriculum is provided by lecturers drawn from the professional world with innovative teaching methods, and is enriched by cultural activities and visits.


Accompanying our students all along their curriculum is a priority for the Collège de Paris. Our highly trained teams will build a course structure which is best suited for each participant and that will assure the students’ access to the professional world. Job offers, internships, sandwich courses: the Collège de Paris works closely with our partners so all our participants can benefit from the best that each profession can bring.

We also give students from abroad assistance with administrative issues: residence papers, visas, health cover, banking and insurance, as well as helping them with their accommodation, whether in families, in private apartments or in University halls of residence.


  • Academic level required: successful completion of high school studies
  • English level required: IELTS (6), TOEFL (78), TOEIC (750)


  • Start of classes: February or October
  • Duration of training: 3 years


State certified degree: « Manager in Marketing and
Commercial Development »


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Program BBA

1st year

STUDY UNIT 1 – General corporate culture

  • Human Beings / Humanities
  • Economic concepts and news
  • Law – Moot court
  • Management of companies

STUDY UNIT 2 – Business skills

  • Customer & supplier relationship management
  • Collaborative tools management & ERP
  • Management of activities
  • International communication – Professional writing
  • Marketing analysis
  • Start-up and entrepreneurship

STUDY UNIT 3 – Professional development

  • Digital identity
  • Company project : creation of a product
  • Professional efficiency tools
  • Open innovation
  • Research project on customer relationship French

3rd year

STUDY UNIT 1 – Management

  • Team management
  • Management of a department
  • Intercultural management
  • Economic and business philosophy

STUDY UNIT 2 – Management control

  • Departmental management and budget
  • Marketing and sales activity management control

STUDY UNIT 3 – Marketing and communication

  • Operational marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • International marketing
  • Global communication

STUDY UNIT 4 – Business development

  • Legal framework for trade and e-commerce
  • Commercial performance management
  • Sales action plan
  • Key accounts negotiation

STUDY UNIT 5 – Human ressources

  • HRM fundamentals
  • Conflict management

STUDY UNIT 6 – Professional development

  • French
  • Business project : starting a business
  • Professional development tools
  • Activity report (as part of the company internship)

2nd year

STUDY UNIT 1 – General corporate culture

  • Humanities
  • Economic concepts and news
  • Law-moot court
  • Corporate management

STUDY UNIT 2 – Business skills

  • Human resources administration
  • Business administration
  • Marketing & external communication
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Managing collaborative tools

STUDY UNIT 3– Professional development

  • French
  • Introduction to coding
  • Business project : communication campaign
  • Business game
  • Personal branding
  • Professional efficiency tools
  • Corporate development project (as part of the company intership)
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