School of fashion

School of fashion
Fleuri Delaporte

As a school of fashion founded in 1949, becoming a Workshop in 2013, Fleuri Delaporte is one of the oldest design schools in Paris.   The Fashion Workshop is based on a method of drawing and illustration (registered design) created by the founder of the establishment, Micheline Fleuri Delaporte. 

Our workshop is a creative laboratory of style and fashion guaranteeing a high level of technical training and favouring the innovation and experimentation as well as the exchanges and sharing between the alumni of different years.  The Fleuri Delaporte Fashion Workshop in particular trained:  Daphne Bürki, Olivier Lapidus, Marcia de Carvalho, Ken Okada, Bond Nguyen Pham, Frederic Krief, Arnaud Maillard, Claire Pain, Aesa Lefebvre…


  • Bachelor Stylisme de mode

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