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L’École Bleue

Logo-ecole-bleue-page-écoleTo become an interior designer, a product designer or a graphic designer, it is for many of us a dream full of creativity, freedom and passion. But beware, these are complex trades, rigorous and time-consuming, requiring each student to invest in this path consciously.

L’Ecole Bleue pretends to be a serious school, efficient, forward-looking and pragmatic, creative and realistic. Its goal is to train enthusiastically to these trades, promoting multidisciplinary required for the conception of our living spaces (habitats, cultural, commercial, social, entertainment…). We achieve this educational goal through rigorous course programs, exercises, experiments and reflections we want precise, progressive and professionalizing.

The educational beliefs of the school are simple:

  • Impose rigorous and balanced weekly schedules
  • Require a significant amount of work
  • Provoke enthusiasm
  • Encourage and congratulate the process as much as the result
  • Motivating passion

At school, to require, organize, explain, listen, improve, refine, reassuring… All this is possible if teachers are passionate and fascinating, if they are firm and forgiving, invested assets, generous and rigorous. We believe in the power of example, to the clearly expressed authority and benevolence. We believe in sincere encouragement, without otherworldliness because all students will not succeed.

The key to our pedagogy is teachers who believe in it. This is what we’ve done for 20 years…

At l’Ecole Bleue, we discover, we learn, we conceptualize, we experiment, we produce, we realize, we succeed and sometimes we miss … in any case, we progress.

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accès : 146, rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
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