estiam_logo_640x154From student to professional, ÉSTIAM aims at developing the technological expertise in computer science and the digital of its students but also their professional skills (leadership, management, business sense) by a gradual immersion in the world of the company.

ÉSTIAM: a structuring educational approach with a real framework

A training course combining pragmatism, modernity and quality:

  • Complete training that develops not only technological expertise, but also professional behavior, managerial, leadership and business sense
  • Students strongly supervised by their professors
  • A program perfectly suited to the job market
  • Progressive professional immersion

With ÉSTIAM Digital Médias, ÉSTIAM Finance, ÉSTIAM Retail, ÉSTIAM Enterprise Mobile Management and ÉSTIAM e-Industries, the school has developed double competence courses in which students are trained in digital and on the trades.

The ÉSTIAM curriculum