Ascencia Business School

Ascencia Business School

Ascencia Business School, Business School with sandwich courses, was created by business leaders to renew management education around three main themes:

Entrepreneurship: promoting business creation by young people of all backgrounds and encourage initiative in every company, regardless of their size;

The management of the web: place digital technologies at the heart of all formations, whatever their specialty is;

The culture of responsibility: to give future managers the ability to act as a responsible person with a philosophical and anthropological curricula integrated into all streams.

Following the advice of the professionals who support us, Ascencia’s ambition is to be both excellent and accessible:

  • Excellent because we ask all members of the school community – students, professors, permanent, partner companies – to give the best of themselves constantly;
  • Accessible because we go where others don’t go through our campus in Ile-de-France and because sandwich courses enables a large majority of students to follow free or paid managerial training.

Ascencia Business School provides programs in the fields of management and human resources, marketing and sales management. The teachers are from the Department of Management Sciences of the Collège de Paris or are professionals who teach management professions as they actually practice them.

As part of their training, Ascencia Business School students participate to a business creation competition organized in connection with investment funds and corporate partners of the Collège of Paris. The post-baccalaureate courses last for three or five years depending on the student’s wishes but a parallel admissions system allows to join the school at all levels of the LMD course.