Institut Supérieur de l’Environnement

Institut Supérieur de l'Environnement

logo-ise-page-ecoleThe Institut Supérieur de L’Environnement (ISE), founded in 1993, is the Business School of the Environment and Sustainable Development. At closer to the needs of businesses of the Environment, the specificity of the course is the combined science learning to legal education and management. The school offers a Grand School Curriculum: Environmental Management (Level I), a Masters in Environmental Management (Level I) and a Bachelor in Environment (Level II).

With over 800 graduates, the ISE boasts an excellent reputation for its students finding relevant jobs at the end of their course. Opportunities include: eco-industry and renewable energy experts; managing the environmental department for business or public services (Head of Environmental Department, Head of Sustainable Development, Head of Health, Quality and Safety); or consulting with advisory agencies.