School news - 21.07.21

Our Ms Food and Beverage students dine at Le Sergent Recruteur

Our international Food and Beverage management students had the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet meal at the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Sergent Recruteur, under the supervision of Ms. Léa Ben Zimra, Artistic Director of La Conciergerie gastronomique and Lecturer at Collège de Paris!

This event took an exceptional turn: after a year of studying at the rate of the pandemic, our students concluded their classes during a culinary journey made possible by the re-opening of restaurants in Paris. The purpose was to introduce them to French gastronomic cuisine, but above all to make the lessons learned during their training real. They were first welcomed by the Michelin-starred Chef Alain Pégouret, who introduced them to the place, as well as the tableware. They were able to taste and appreciate the delicacy of the dishes, and the refinement of the dressing. To perfect their knowledge of oenology, they discovered food and wine pairings throughout the meal.

“ A memorable experience to be repeated ” (Zeel Shah – Student)

Discover, in pictures, this superb experience in a Lunch & Learn format!

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