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Innovation Prize for the Gastronomy and Wines MS

The “Management de la Gastronomie et de l’Œnologie” was awarded the SMBG / EDUNIVERSAL Prix de l’innovation 2014. The final result will be announced on 15 March on the occasion of the ‘Salon des Meilleurs Masters, MS et MBAs’ to be held at the Cité de la Mode et du Design.  

Having already twice won the prize for its “Management du Luxe et de la Mode” MS course, the Collège de Paris this year won again, with its new programme “Management de la Gastronomie et de l’Œnologie” at the SMBG / EDUNIVERSAL Scientific Council . The Prize’s jury bases its decision on criteria of originality, relevance and commensurate qualities with the jobs market.

The “Food & Wine” MS is an international programme in specialised management in the domains of gastronomy and wine culture. The training was designed with the help of foremost professionals from the most prestigious Parisian houses. It brings together managerial training and practical workshops, providing sensorial experience of arts of the table and wine culture.

Providing excellent professional experience, the “Food & Wine” MS includes two study trips – to Champagne and to the Bordeaux Region for the 2014-2015 school year; an in-house training course, and defending a personal project design in front of experts. The first recruiting session, under the banner of the Conseil de perfectionnement professionnel, will take place in April.

Published by Collège de Paris
On 17 March 2014