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WSET Level II for the MS Food & Wine students

The presentation of the WSET Level II is now part of the MS Management of oenology and gastronomy of the Collège de Paris.

This is an international reference certification in the field of wine and spirits that students of the MS Food & Wine of the Collège de Paris are about to obtain from next February: the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, commonly called the WSET.

The WSET, an international referent organization

Since 1969, this specialized education organization based in London trains approximately 50,000 candidates a year in more than 60 countries. Initially designed to train and evaluate professionals of hospitality and catering, the WSET is now opened to wine lovers who wish to refine their knowledge. As the world’s first wine and spirits training supplier, its international approach and expertise are known and recognized worldwide.

The training provided by the organization focuses on a general perception of the world of wine and spirits; from areas of production to the current regulations, from the different grape varieties flavors to tasting techniques, it offers a complete overview of mastered knowledge. Fully in line with the Food & Wine degree of the Collège de Paris, this teaching will obviously bring a real added value to the students’ training who will then have a rewarding additional qualification to their degree courses.

A real plus for the Collège de Paris students

Composed of several training levels, MS Food & Wine students will present the WSET Level II, in partnership with the COAM, center approved by the WSET. The preparation will be schedule one month before taking the test in English, in order to encourage students through a recognition of international dimension.

This is a unique opportunity that will complete their enological training around specific objectives:

– Identify the key factors influencing the type and style of wine
– Identify the characteristics of still, sparkling and fortified wines identified
– Know how to conserve, select and serve the still, sparkling and fortified wines
– Identify the main production methods for international spirits, and describe the identified spirits styles

Instruction will be provided by oenologists, sommeliers and accredited experts then supplemented with digital training modules for perfect assimilation and optimum storage of training programs.

The teaching will be provided by oenologists, sommeliers and accredited experts then supplemented with digital training modules for a perfect assimilation and optimal memorization of training programs.

For more information, see the COAM website by clicking here.

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Published by Collège de Paris
On 17 November 2015