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Weekend of integration in London for the Ms Luxury and Fashion


As every year, the Ms Management of Luxury goods and Fashion of the Ecole Conte participated in a weekend of integration to get to know each other, but also to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the curriculum and the lessons they are preparing.

On Monday morning, waking up at dawn, students were in front of the train station at 5:30 to take the Eurostar direction London! After dropping off their stuffs at the Clink 78 youth hostel, let’s go for the Le Vulgar exhibition at the Barbican near the Bricklane neighbourhood; An exciting and original exhibition that explores taste in fashion, from renaissance to contemporary design.

Then they went to the neighbourhood of Bricklane and Spitafield where we can find all sorts of improbable objects. This allowed the students to familiarize themselves with the alternative atmosphere that emerges from these neighbourhoods, between small cafes, vintage shops and graffiti on the walls.

The students had free time to rest. They had the opportunity to visit shops and complete a questionnaire on what they observed until 5 pm. The staff of the various shops, Absolute Vintage, Rockit or the Blitz, was able to inform the students about this fashion vintagehops and graffiti on the walls.

Despite a cool, rain-free afternoon, the class immersed itself in the London Underground, heading for Harrods and Harvey Nichols, allowing students to understand the marketing and product placement strategies of two iconic brands in London.

The remainder of the evening was free, some were able to try Karaoke at the hostel, while others chose shopping at Selfriges, Topshop or Primark.

The next day, the class divided into 3 groups to discover the craft of some renowned tailors of the famous Savile Row: it was an opportunity for the students to understand the British masculine elegance a little better and to meet Costume craftsmen who are passionate about their craft. Some then walked on Carnaby Street.

Later, the whole class went to some flagships like Victoria Beckham, Ellie Saab, or Alexander Wang.

To close this busy weekend, the students went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, to discover the exhibition Undressed.

The students enjoyed the integration experience where they were able to forge new ties with their classmates. The Ms Fashion and luxury goods are more welded than ever and are ready to start this studious year!

Published by Collège de Paris
On 7 December 2016