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The Collège de Paris expands in Brazil

Sandrine Hervouet, Development Executive, conducted a mission to Rio and Sao Paulo from 24 to 30 October, with the goal of opening a representatives’ office for the Collège de Paris in Brazil.

Based on the model of an office created in Beijing in 2011, which enjoyed considerable success, the Collège de Paris has decided to open a representative office in Brazil in 2014. The representatives’ office will be set up under Brazilian law or in the form of a partnership with a local education operator, and will fulfil three missions:

‒ counselling and guiding Brazilian students who wish to study in France;
‒ providing French as a foreign-language courses;
‒ helping young Brazilians carry out administrative actions in Brazil and France: pre-enrolment, visa application, being met at the airport, quest for lodgings, other administrative actions etc.

The program is part of the Collège de Paris’ strategic approach: promoting excellence of French training with international students, especially those from emerging countries.

Published by Collège de Paris
On 17 March 2014