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The Collège de Paris begins the school year at the Hôtel Meurice

After the Hotel Ritz in 2011 and the Lutétia en 2012, it is the Hotel Meurice that will be hosting the inaugural class of the “Management du Luxe et de la Mode” program. The new cohort has 30 students from 12 different countries.

Since the launch of the “Management du Luxe et de la Mode” training course, the Collège de Paris has hosted its students in a Parisian palace. This year, classes were convened on Monday 14 October at 2 PM at the Hotel Meurice in its Jeu de Paume Salons.

The start-of-year meeting was the occasion for Olivier de Lagarde, Chairman of the Collège de Paris, to announce two events in 2014: the launch of a “Luxury Food & Wine” training programme and the possible inauguration of an extended version of the “Management du Luxe” course in Shanghai.

Michaël Cailloux, artistic Director and teacher, and Karine Godier, referent Lecturer, then presented the new aspects of the programme, especially the management and creative project that will provide students with the opportunity to steer a fashion collection launch from start to finish, working with the lecturing faculty.

Finally, Pierre de Meuse, affiliate Lecturer at the Collège de Paris, gave the inaugural class, the introduction to his course on the geopolitics of luxury, highly popular with students year after year.

As the first training course to combine creative and managerial teaching, the, “Management du Luxe et de la Mode” program has been awarded several prizes: SMBG Innovation Prize / Eduniversal (2011); SMBG / Eduniversal Program Launch Price (2012); Top 10 of the Best MS Masters and MBAs Ranking (2013).

Published by Collège de Paris
On 17 March 2014