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Ridouan Abagri appointed Director of Innovation

Teacher in Human Resources at Ascencia Business School for 7 years, Ridouan Abagri founded in parallel the digital school of the Collège de Paris: Digital College. Based on these experiences, he is now committed to boost the network’s innovative actions.

Enthusiastic at the idea of proposing new pedagogical paradigms, it is with passion that Ridouan Abagri created the Digital College school in 2014. In full expansion, this establishment with a resolutely modern spirit wants to follow a “start-up” model, full of dynamism and close to its students. With approximately 250 recruits expected for the coming school year, Digital College is now one of the leading schools in its field in Île-de-France.

Innovation: a major challenge for the College de Paris

As director of innovation, Ridouan Abagri plans to tackle several major projects. First, in the short term, the development of a “Fab Lab” on the Grande Arche campus; then, the establishment of a clean incubator.

The objective: to develop students’ creativity and provide them with contemporary working tools. Giant screen and other connected objects will come to dress the Fab Lab, while the incubator will accompany the young talents of the Collège de Paris so that they concretize their desires. This “nugget project” is an opportunity for these students to whom the Collège de Paris will offer an unprecedented educational experience.

With the ambition of becoming a real start-up hive, the Collège de Paris will do everything in the long term to enable its entire network to be introduced with new tools and uses in line with the expectations of tomorrow’s companies.

Published by Collège de Paris
On 29 June 2018