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Rewards for the best Bachelors of the Collège de Paris

In early December, SMBG-EDUNIVERSAL, global organization logo bachelor smbg 2015whose training assessment rankings are recognized in 153 countries, published the 2015/2016 list of the best French Bachelors. It includes some of the Collège de Paris’ Trainings.

The SMBG expertise

True reference in assisting the study choices of graduates and French students, the ranking of the best Licenses and Bachelors was published for the 11th consecutive year. It is a tailor-made assistance for student’s orientation. The ranking lists 50 specialties, from communication to science, from art to trade, right or sport.

The methodology is based on a multi-criteria analysis, focusing on market criterias: awareness of the program among the candidates with HR departments of enterprises, output salaries and student satisfaction returns… With its recognition, SMBG-EDUNIVERSAL now fulfills a resume certification role by ensuring companies recruiting worldwide both the level of quality training of the young candidate for internship and employment but also its specialty skills.

Ascencia and the Ecole Conte acclaimed

Among the schools listed this year, the College of Paris occupies a prominent place:

– Top 5 Marketing: Ascencia Business School 5th with its Bachelor Marketing

– Special Program Launch price: Ascencia Business School with its Bachelor Human Resources

– Top 20 General Management & Business: Business School Ascencia 18th with its Bachelor Management Consultancy

– Top 5 Fashion: the Ecole Conte, 5th with it Bachelor Fashion Design

Congrats too to our partner Financia, also awarded with a special Program Launch price with its Bachelor Finance.

Already rewarded in 2015 in the ranking of the best Masters, MBA & MS, and the same year in the top 5 of the best fashion schools for the Ecole Conte, the Collège de Paris is proud to present these new results today.

Excellence is our primary goal, and we ensure every effort for the professional future of our students. The qualification of our teachers, curriculum development, establishing partnerships or the individual support of each student are the elements that allow us to provide quality training increasingly recognized.

Published by Collège de Paris
On 31 December 2015