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Pictures from the Fleuri-Delaporte Fashion Show

Two days away from the Women’s wear Fashion Week on Friday the 4th of July students from the Fleuri-Delaporte were awarded with their degrees and showed off their collections on the campus of the fashion school of the Collège de Paris at 27 rue de Cîteaux.

Apart from all the guests and family members, Olivier Lagarde, President of the Collège de Paris, the teaching staff of the school and fashion professionals saw the fashion show.

The students chose thirty models among friends and colleagues. The models benefited from the know-how of the Fleurimon school for their hairstyle and makeup. Photography was done by Camille de Laurens, co-founder of the  M/B agency. Marie Bertrand, director of the styling course at the Collège de Paris talked to us about the event:

What did you expect from your students for this show?

We wanted to present the students’ work for the degree award ceremony.  It’s the occasion for the students to learn to organise a real show, manage a team and show off their work. Having said that, it’s the conception of collections that is at the heart of the evaluation of degree projects.

What were the themes of the creations?

First year students presented tops inspired by historical costumes and dresses inspired by original creators and then recreated. The second years showed off their personal creative projects consisting of six figures and three accessories. The third years showed off their personal collections of twelve figures and six accessories.

Were the creations woman only? And which ones did you particularly notice?

Most of the collections were for women, apart from Anais Schneilin’s, (3rd Year), who worked on a man’s collection.

A wedding dress by Valentina Vezzoso was presented at the final. She did the finalé of of the show arm in arm with  Michaël Cailloux, the Artistic and Study Director of the Ecole supérieure d’art Françoise Conte.

Benjamin Boré’s work was also well received by the judges. One of the pieces of his collection even featured on the invitation to the degree award ceremony and fashion show. He had already won the prize for best swimsuit during the parade at the Carrousel du Louvre.

What field will these new graduates turn towards?

They are predominately looking for work in the fields of creation, general fashion, haute couture, and also in specialised styling houses. Some may also continue their studies in the Luxury Goods and Fashion Management master’s programme and thus improve their skills and knowledge in business and marketing.


Published by Collège de Paris
On 20 January 2015