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Onur Deda, student doing his Preparatory in Art and already published in Vogue

Young talented photographer from Turkey, Onur Deda is a student at the Preparatory Workshop of the Collège de Paris while waiting to start next year the Bachelor Design textile. Proof of recognition of his  talent, he has already featured in the Italian Vogue which published several of his photographs from the collection of Caroline Zheng “Un_Dis_Connected”.

By Olivier de Lagarde

Testimony: artistic training at the Collège de Paris

Onur Deda built his artistic training with the same care that he  brings to his photographs. After a training period with his compatriot, the fashion photographer Koray Birand, he started a school of photography in Paris, “Capital of Fashion and Art”.

But this ambitious creative person did not stop there. According to him, a good fashion photographer must closely know the product and material so that the image “strikes the eye”. That is why, he chose l’Ecole supérieure d’art Françoise Conte, a founder member of the Collège de Paris and school of reference in the field of textile design.

For his preparatory artistic work, he spent a year at the Preparatory Workshop where he extended his knowledge in  drawing and the visual arts in order to be at the best level right from the first year of Bachelor Design textile.

Creative outlets able to match his artistic ambition

To finance this full and ambitious course of study, Onur is currently practicing his craft as photographer. He already has to his credit several works of beautiful quality which one can admire on his Internet site (

The artistic and creative life of l’Ecole supérieure d’art Françoise Conte and the Fleuri-Delaporte Fashion Workshop has also given him the chance to apply his talent. He was the person who designed the coverage of the recent show and the exhibition of student creations.

For the future, Onur Deda has varied projects. Thanks to his training in textile design he wants at the same time to understand the product, its creative process, and bring to  future customers the “attention to detail” which, according to him, constitutes the most important element in fashion photography.

He is also tempted by the craft of Artistic Director or the creation of his own brand which combines, thanks to an innovating process, photography and textile printing. One thing is certain, his future is international: America, Europe and of course Turkey are already regular destinations for this future globe-trotter in fashion photography.

Published by Collège de Paris
On 9 April 2014