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Digital College: Learning Expedition at Sillicon Valley

Each year, Ms and MBA students from Digital College participate in a unique study tour to California to discover GAFA and other leading companies. The third Digital College class took off in March to join Silicon Valley.

A land of promise for many dreamers, California is a world cradle of digital entrepreneurship. Workshops, conferences, visits… during a whole week, the students immersed themselves in the American culture of the company.

Visits to emblematic sites

Silicon Valley is first and foremost in the collective imagination the famous headquarters of the giant Google. A must-see that the promotion could enjoy for a whole afternoon, under a radiant sun! Another visit, another must: at Stanford University, they had the chance to dive into the heart of a mythical campus, trampled by the greatest in all fields, like Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, or Philip Knight, CEO of Nike. The famous School 42, as well as the Computer History Museum were also on the programme.

Exclusive Conferences

While Stanford’s visit was an opportunity to take advantage of a lesson on Big Data, the Orange Lab – the famous operator’s start up accelerator – welcomed students to discuss the theme of Fundraising and ICO. These seminars gave them the opportunity to meet Aurelia Laff, CEO of Unlocked Talent, a recruitment agency specialising in the digital entertainment industry.

On this occasion, students were also able to visit various co-working spaces to observe this very fashionable way of working across the Atlantic, but also participate in thematic workshops.

The Learning Expedition, a specialized learning experience, is now an integral part of Digital College’s DNA. The school thus offers a different Learning Expedition for each cycle, and will soon unveil new surprises designed to further enrich the international dimension of the programmes followed by the next promotions…

Published by Collège de Paris
On 30 April 2018