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Kayla Collingwood, lyrical flight

Kayla Collingwood studied with Elfe to perfect her French and hopes to establish herself permanently in France. Profile.

You come straight from New Zealand, why do you want to improve your French? Is it for personal or professional reasons?

Both of them. I am a lyrical singer and I sing a lot of French. I would like to set up a professional project here in France

Why did you choose Paris and the Elfe school?

Paris because it’s the capital and there is a lot of diversity and Elfe because it’s cheaper than the other schools and a friend of mine advised me a lot.

What do you think of life in Paris and the Parisians?

My arrival in Paris went very well, french people are very polite, there is always something to do. Stereotypes are not true, it’s simply that Parisians have a different way of doing things.

Is French culture the same as your country?

Not at all, New Zealand is a sports country. We are a “young country”. For example, we have quite special traditional outfits: skirts, Allblacks… We don’t have much history compared to Paris.

What do you think of your experience as an “au pair” student?

Difficult at first because you have to organise a lot with children and work, but it is still extremely interesting.

What do you want to do after your au pair course?

I want to sing so I’m looking for a visa to stay in France for a long time and have a company that I can sign a contract with.


Published by Collège de Paris
On 30 January 2018