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Hapimag – Interview of a student and his tutor

Hapimag has 60 hotels around the world. With an international orientation, its Resort Manager, Marine Giraud-Roche, did not hesitate to hire one of our foreign students in training, Prathamesh Bangera.

Tell us about the concept of Hapimag
We have 60 hotels all over the world, mostly in Central Europe, since the group is originally from Switzerland. In addition to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy in Europe, we are present in the United States, Morocco, Turkey and Finland.

We operate in a rather special way, with a system of points. Our residents are shareholders, which have access the private club Hapimag when they wish within a year; 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, through the payment of an admission fee. This “à la carte” principle allows our members not to have a second home, but to have 60! They are also adapted to the different seasons and the desires of each: sea, mountain, golf, nature, spa … Our customers are mainly European, with almost 60% German speakers, 20% Italians, Dutch, English, French…

You are indeed a true international group. Is it a will for you to hire foreign employees?
Yes, this is important to me. I have studied internationally. For 6 years, an Austrian partner school has sent us a trainee every year. I want to transmit my knowledge but also to discover other cultures, other ways of working.

And in such cases, the language is not a problem for you?
Some of our trainees, such as Prathamesh, can not answer the phone or inform the client. But they are effective on other missions in backoffice, there is always work to do! And everyone understands thanks to English. To be honest, there are only 3 French employees in our team! Indeed, in France, it is very difficult to find people who speak foreign languages, so we hire foreigners. Sometimes they follow courses to learn other languages, French, but not only; We have ensured that some of our Italian employees take German courses for example. This creates a truly international atmosphere in our offices!

What were Prathamesh’s assignments during his internship?
6 months ago, we set up a sale of bread at the reception which works very well. So we continued in that direction by offering jam, butter … And demand has exploded! We then decided to launch a “mini market” with some basic products, which our customers can buy in small quantities and self-service. We needed someone to handle this everyday: refill, delivery, stock, … Prathamesh arrived once we had made our selection of products. He has, however, helped us to determine the selling prices of each product, and especially created our software base for the management of this mini market: listing our customers, inventory … It was him who created the Development of the mini market, and all the details of its organization. Customers appreciate this service very much and we are pleased with the work provided by Prathamesh.

We also received the impressions of Prathamesh, student Ms in International Marketing, program in English, with a specialty in Gastronomy and Oenology.

Why did you choose the Collège de Paris to study in France?
I lived in India and I wanted to do a master in France. The problem is that I did not speak French, but I wanted to integrate the European community to discover this culture, and another way of working. Thanks to the Indian office of the Collège de Paris, which was very close to my working place, I heard about the Ms in international marketing in English. Then the school in France contacted me to explain everything.

What did you think of your training?
I found the courses very interesting and the teachers competent, especially in communication, international marketing, international management … Some teachers were English, which facilitated the learning. I also liked being able to attend French classes simultaneously, it was very useful for my stay.

How did you manage your job in Paris with the language barrier?
It was difficult, but not only because of French, since here everybody speaks 3 or 4 languages! Fortunately everyone speaks English, so I managed to adapt, and that’s what was interesting. If a year earlier I had been told “you are going to come to Paris to work without speaking French”, I would not have believed it. But now I realize it’s a great experience and I think everyone should do it.

What are your plans now?

I want to find a job in the hotel industry and stay in France to work and settle!

Published by Collège de Paris
On 30 June 2017