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CdP to open a second examination centre at Jinan

The town of Jinan will host, in 2014, students from the province of Shandong seeking to enrol in a French Higher School of Art, with the Françoise Conte Preparatory Workshop. This is the second examination centre to be opened in China by the Collège de Paris, after Beijing in 2012.

Since 2012, the Collège de Paris has organised the CESA (Entry Exam for French Higher Schools of Art) aimed at Chinese students seeking to enrol in an art school in France. Until now, students could only sit the exam in Beijing.

Thanks to a cooperative agreement with the Jinan Art School, signed on 26 September, a similar facility will be offered to students in Shandong Province from 2014 onwards.

Aimed at young Chinese citizens, the examination comprises observational drawing, graphic expression and colour tests. Successful students will be able to follow a specific foreign students training course in France, combining teaching of the French language with applied arts.

The subjects are prepared and corrected by the Françoise Conte Preparatory Workshop lecturers,  prépa art et prépa archi à Paris, a founder member of the Collège de Paris. The tests and French language courses will be given by Elfe, the French language school, using its  “French Courses in Paris” module.

Published by Collège de Paris
On 17 March 2014