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Anne-Lorraine wins Tableware contest for designers 2014

E.Leclerc and our high institute of art Françoise Conte gathered once more for the 2nd edition of the tableware contest for young designers, supported by six french manufacturer : Arc, Tifany, Tefal, Laguiole, SDE, Appolia.

Our students had to stick to a very precise specifications so their collections could fit in the stores and increase sells. On the 2nd of june, a jury chose 3 laureates, who created cutlery, dishes and tea towels on the theme “flowered landscape”

The winner is Anne-Lorraine with her project “nébuleuse florale” (“flowered nebula”), she was given a 3500 Euros check for this fresh and ethereal creations. The projects of Léa Troletti and Elodie Lefevre have also been rewarded by the special favorite price of the jury, and 1000 Euros each.

This partnership shows once more how professionnal The Françoise Conte school degree is.

Published by Collège de Paris
On 10 June 2014