IBSW – Washingon

The International Business School of Washington (IBSW) welcomes French and international students who wish to enjoy an American educational experience at French rates. IBSW is also open to adults looking for language stays or Anglo-Saxon professional certifications prepared. Internships in large Washington-based companies are a useful complement to the training provided on site.

Students in mobility at IBSW for one or two semesters benefit from a double degree agreement between the University of Reston and the Collège de Paris. This allows them to both prepare for a recognized American diploma and pursue a French study program. Going to Washington with IBSW is the guarantee to come back with an American degree, a professional experience abroad without wasting time in his university career.

The IBSW campus also welcomes groups of students or professionals from all the schools in the Collège de Paris network. Whatever the duration, students enjoy professional, linguistic and cultural immersion in the United States. IBSW offers a variety of accommodation options to make this innovative educational experience as accessible as possible!