Testimonials - 10.03.18

Geoffroy de Bony wins the 2nd ISE HR Incentive

As part of the teaching of the EU Professionalization of the M1,1st year of the Master’s degree in Environmental Management, students of the ISE took part in an HR Incentive, a recruitment competition organized in partnership with Bureau Veritas.

Real-life scenarios are one of the most professionalizing exercises for Master’s students in environmental management. Having already tried the recruitment competition with Socotec last year, the ISE decided to renew the concept this year with Bureau Veritas.

Through this HR incentive, the objective is simple: to obtain a several-month internship reserved for students of the Institut Supérieur de l’ Environnement at Bureau Veritas as a Business Consultant for Health, Safety and Environment. Bureau Veritas is a world leader in testing, inspection and certification. The trainee will accompany clients in their environmental, safety and working conditions procedures.

How does the ISE HR Incentive work?

A first selection was entrusted to three HR and recruitment professionals who worked at the Institut Supérieur de l’ Environnement. They selected six candidates among all M1 students in Environmental Management. These finalists were received by the future tutor of the internship, Pierre-Edouard Lepage, graduate of the ISE in 2013 and a member of Bureau Veritas Human Resources, Jessica Mangard, on 12 February 2018. The selected candidate is Geoffroy de Bony. He will have the opportunity to join Bureau Veritas for his M1 internship and then eventually continue in M2 as part of the work-study program.

“The professionalization of our students is the priority of our educational project at ISE,”said Armand de Coussergues, President of the Institut Supérieur de l’ Environnement. This kind of exercise is both motivating and entertaining for our students, but above all it prepares them for their entry into working life. We wish Geoffroy de Bony good luck with his internship and congratulations to all the students who participated!

“I am very pleased to offer this challenge to the students of my former school,”commented Pierre-Edouard Lepage, Head of HSE Activity at Bureau Veritas. Bureau Veritas is looking for talented and motivated people with great career prospects.

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