Ecole Sécurité


L’Ecole Sécurité is the alliance of the training organization C-SRD and the Collège de Paris.

C-SRD was created by Régis Dubois, a former expert of an anti-terrorist division and of the Brigade de Recherche et d'Intervention (BRI).

An association of experts

Specialized in safety and security training, the Security School offers several programs allowing employees and managers to be immediately operational on all these strategic issues.


C-SRD is the guarantee of excellent trainers with field experience often acquired on the front line in the police or the army.

The C-SRD team is made up of experts in the field of security: a divisional commissioner, a police commander, head of an operational group at the BRI and a specialist in crisis management and high-stakes degraded situations.

These experiences and this team allow the Security School to surround itself with different profiles and thus to meet the challenges sought by the students.

The mission of the Security School is to train, throughout the country, the security professionals that France and its companies need.



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