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ECAR: The eco-responsible training school of the college of Paris, ECAR is present on 2 sites (Paris Nanterre University - Lille)

"Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world" Nelson Mandela.

Eco-responsible training school


ECAR is an eco-responsible training school that offers courses in the health and social sectors. Discover all ECAR’s training courses and start a sandwich course in a school focused on sustainable development. Join one of our courses and study in a school that shares your environmentally responsible values.

A career in the health and social services sector allows you to meet the daily needs of many people. The health and social professions offer the possibility of finding a job quickly and are accessible through several training courses.

Our health and social training courses in Paris and Lille are offered on a sandwich course basis so that you have every chance of finding a job once you graduate.

To complete your course in the best possible conditions, without compromising on your environmental concerns, our eco-responsible campuses await you. Come and discover our health and social training school in Paris and our health and social training school in Lille.


Our Paris campus and our Lille campus both have the HQE biosourced label. This label is awarded to premises that promote the use of bio-based materials in their construction. These materials exclude coal and oil, two fossil fuels that are incompatible with sustainable development.


ECAR's values

  • ZERO PAPER : An eco-responsible school life: ECOR is committed to sustainable development. We have chosen to offer a school life that respects the planet. Selective sorting has been introduced in each classroom, we are pursuing a zero paper and recyclable objective.

  • HQE PREMISES : HQE (High Environmental Quality) premises: this certification attests to the fact that the premises concerned have a limited impact on the environment. Also, the cleaning products used in our premises are eco-responsible and the lighting is of low consumption.

  • ZERO CARBON IMPACT : A committed student life: zero paper, selective sorting in classrooms, distributors offering organic products, low consumption light bulbs, organic cleaning products….

  • GREEN COMPANIES : The companies that will host our students will have to have an impactful CSR programme.






  • Ecar Paris

    Ecoparc Rue Martha Desrumeaux 92000 Nanterre

  • Ecar Lille

    273 boulevard de Tournai 59650 Villeneuve d’Asq

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