Technological developments have led to changes in working methods and have also transformed some professions. The Human Resources department is one of the business lines most affected by these changes. It is important that each practitioner be trained and educated on these new methods.

Do It Outremer has been specialising since 2012 in supporting the Human Resources Departments of companies and local authorities. Do It’s specialities lie in its training dedicated to employees and their agents as well as in its communicative learning method which is carried out in small groups. Learning and training are adapted to the expectations and challenges of their learners.

Do It Outremer offers a variety of training courses on Management, personal development and the Human Resources function: interpersonal communication, personal development, finance, accounting, management… The latter are given by experts in their fields, consultants or specialised partners who run the training courses.

Do It Outremer’s commitment lies in responding to the expectations and challenges of their clients while basing itself on solid values.

Expertise: each trainer is a graduate of higher education and comes from positions of responsibility.

The requirement: the challenge for practitioners is to understand, identify and respond to learners’ expectations.

Fun: all the training sessions are moments of exchange and conviviality, made possible thanks to training in small groups (5 to 8 participants).

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