School news - 09.03.18

Digital College Students Participate in Agorize’s Digiprize Challenge

The Digiprize competition promotes young people’s entrepreneurial initiatives and rewards innovative digital projects. Collaborative work, mobile applications, connected objects, or artificial intelligence, multiple projects were proposed by the participants.

More than 400 concepts were used in the grand finale of the challenge. This is a second victory for Digital College, thanks to the Bachelor’s students who were selected to present their ideas during the final at the Eiffel Tower Theater.

Immo Green, an ambitious project focused on sustainable development

It consists in using plant photosynthesis to produce energy. Therefore, our students carried out a test by putting plants on roofs and at the feet of buildings to have different types of lights. Then they collected the electricity produced in a generator to power the common areas.

The primary objective is to reduce pollution, make this system an alternative to nuclear energy, and allow the re-establishment of new plant species and insects essential to the development of the ecosystem.

So they won a prize at the grand finale for their project, which was presented to major sponsors and corporate partners of the event.

We were all three of us both stressed but also very happy to be on the stage. In addition, it was the General Manager of Fnac/Darty François Gazuit who selected our project and gave us the prize. This competition is therefore also a way of making our projects known to people who are managers and directors of companies.

“I am also pleased that some school administrators have taken the time to help us structure our intervention. They will continue to accompany us for the rest because we know that our project was a great success and that the adventure doesn’t stop there. We are invited to present our project to others to see how we can implement it!” confides Axelle, one of Immo Green’s members.

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