Since the beginning of the 2018 academic year, entrepreneurs, professors and partners have been working on the La Grande Arche de la Défense campus with members of the Collège de Paris educational community who wish to succeed in their business creation project. The incubator is thus intended for students, but also for teachers, former students and all employees of our schools. Thanks to Caméléon, the Collège de Paris is becoming a community of entrepreneurs.

Its objective: to structure success, share knowledge and make entrepreneurial vocations a reality. Like the chameleon, an entrepreneur must have a polymorphic profile, adapted to the market and consumption.

The toolbox provided by the Chameleon incubator creates added value for each project: prestigious domiciliation; individualized support for entrepreneurs; assistance with legal and financial structuring; networking with experts; access to training rooms, a Fab Lab and a photo / video studio on reservation; provision of trainees, etc.


Incubated companies:



    A cultural, innovative and ambitious project, Sensor is the result of an initiative by actors from civil society, the economic world and the world of security. Its purpose is to raise awareness, train and support decision-makers on the safety issues of their organization.



    Digital Shake is a social entrepreneurship project, a communication agency whose concept is based on three different resources: specialized agencies, freelancers and students. These service providers are carefully selected according to the needs of each client.


    Digital service

    La Réserve Digitale supports students in their professional careers by offering them the best offers, on permanent contracts and services, to be filled by its end customers. On the customer side, La Réserve Digitale highlights its original side as the first French NSE entirely attached to a group of schools.


    Job portal

    Angel-Jobs is a growing employment and education site in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The portal offers job search services, candidate search, career services, international education programs, leading foreign universities and more.


    Distance learning

    Upsilon is a platform that allows you to prepare professional diplomas or certifications online. This platform is aimed at all those who want to access higher degrees without the possibility of travelling; in particular international students and employees in companies.



    Pause Corée settles in Paris to offer its customers an original and original Korean cuisine! With its look of a revisited local boui-boui, Pause Corée is based on a unique concept of mixing flavours.