The Collège de Paris teams are at your disposal to assist you in your search for accommodation. At the service of student housing, we have privileged partnerships.

Beds booked in a student house at five stations of La Grande Arche:

Based on her experience, Oliasi perfectly integrates the needs of young students who often leave their home country for the first time.

In a magnificent residence built in 1815, Oliasi offers comfortable accommodation with the option of a private bathroom. Each room is furnished and furnished for two people. Common areas, kitchen, living room, and garden allow residents to experience friendly moments. Don’t you travel with a friend? No problem! No problem! Oliasi will find the perfect roommate for you.

More information: https://www.oliasi.com/

Exclusive offers with Immojeune.com :

Immojeune offers student and young active housing throughout France. Search your accommodation by category, by city, by school, and find your accommodation among 10 000 real estate ads.

Simple and free, Immojeune allows you to access negotiated offers for your moves and insurance.

The Collège de Paris has its own Immojeune portal to facilitate your research: https://collegedeparis.immojeune.com/

Accommodation with Be MyNest:

Be MyNest’s mission: to help you find the accommodation you need and offer you the moments you dreamed of: new city, new alleys, new atmospheres, new smells, new friends, new house…. With Be MyNest, you will find a bed of course, but also people to welcome you and optimize the success of your stay.

Each accommodation offered is inhabited by a person who lives in the city, speaks the language and will do everything to make your stay unique, adapted and memorable.

More information:  http://www.bemynest.com/fr/home/

Studylease :

Studylease is a platform that offers a wide range of private student residences in France, England and Scotland and offers you the possibility to book free of charge, without obligation and in several languages.

Submit your file to get an answer in 3 days: https://www.studylease.com/