To study in Paris

Your accommodation

To benefit as best as possible from your stay in Paris, our teams help you to find accommodation best adapted to your needs, your desires and your budget. We recommend that you find accommodation with your host family, which favours the practice of the language, but you can also choose a Hotel-flat, a furnished studio, or a hotel room.

Staying with a family

By doing so, you will, indeed, discover the daily life of a French family while practising what have learnt in your French classes.



We have a privileged relationship with our host families, some of which have been welcoming  students for many years. We are in daily contact with them, without any intermediary nor employment agency. It is not a question of just a room with a host assembly, but of a real family immersion.

All our families are located in Paris or in the very close outskirts of the city and are easily accessible by underground, bus or even on foot. You can get accommodation on your own  or with other students who do not speak your language. If you travel as a group, you will also have the option, on request, of getting a double room.

Private apartment

For those of you who wish to have more independence, you can get accommodation in a Hotel-Flat residence. You will have full use of a studio or a comfortable apartment and a fully -equipped kitchenette, bathroom, television, Internet services – offering the same services as a hotel: 24/7 reception, mail, household cleaning once a week, change of linen…

We can also book apartments or furnished studios all fully-equipped (cable with international TV stations, DVD player, Internet access, household linen). These apartments, recently renovated, are for one to four persons and located close to the school (20-30 minutes by underground).

At the hotel

If you prefer to remain at the hotel, you can be given very preferential rates in three or four star hotels which we have selected for their comfort and their proximity to the school.

For conditions and rates and any additional details, contact us