To study in Paris

Steps to be taken

The Collège de Paris supports you in your administrative steps.

  • If you are European (European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland), you are not obliged to hold a residence permit.
  • If you have a different nationality, you must imperatively have a residence permit to come to study in France.

To obtain this residence permit, you must comply with several conditions which will be stated  to you by the consulate or the local branch of Campus France.

In particular, you must imperatively provide a pre-registration in the training which you wish to follow. It is therefore necessary beforehand to be accepted for the program which interests you.

Throughout the administrative process of obtaining a visa, our teams are at your disposal to provide you with all the specific details.

Pre-registration for one of our programs

Social security benefits
As a student coming to do your studies in France, you must complete on your arrival the steps related to your health cover to allow you to be refunded for your health expenses in the event of sickness.

According to your personal situation, your age, your country of origin… several options exist for the management of social protection of foreign students in France.

From the time of your arrival, our teams will assist you to benefit – if you are eligible – from the French social security system for students and to choose the best mutual insurance company.

Bank and insurance
If you remain in France more than three months, you can open an account with the bank of your choice. It is a simple procedure, you will simply have to show your passport, your residence permit and a document as proof of residence. Your bank will be able to offer you various insurance solutions according to your needs.

If you wish, you will be put in contact on your arrival or as preparation for your travel with our banking partners who have exclusive offers adapted for international students.

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  • Within the framework of Pathway

    The team of Collège de Paris look after you at all stages: accommodation on arrival in Paris, administrative steps…