Ecole Française de Décor

Ecole Française du Décor

logo-ecole-du-decor-page-ecoleThe Ecole Française du Décor offers the highest quality training programmes for decorative painting and heritage property restoration. Over the years, the school has developed a level of excellence that helps highlight the value of the decorative artist profession.

A supportive school spirit

As part of the training programmes, students are assisted with the progression and completion of their professional goals, with the help of individual guidance. The teachers – all professionals in the field – share their knowledge and experience, helping to create a supportive team dynamic.

Students are carefully monitored and invited to be involved in various events with other course graduates, which creates opportunities for networking and work collaborations.

The decorative artist

A successful decorative artist is able to devise, design and implement ideas for both large-scale projects and smaller decorative work.

They have a creative and independent nature; are able to work alone on tasks requiring meticulous attention to detail; adapt easily to group work on building sites (working at heights and outside); enjoy paying close attention to finishing touches; and are open to moving locations for work.

They understand how trends change within interior design; are interested in a diverse range of techniques; are highly practical; and have a passion for innovation. They also have a business-centric mind; are interested in and perceptive of clients needs and know how to express them.

They work mainly with companies who specialise in cultural heritage, renovating historical buildings and monuments; theatre set studios; cinema; show production; theme parks; local government; decoration shops; architecture and interior architecture agencies; construction, painting and decoration companies.

They can either be a salaried employee or self-employed under a number of different statuses – artisan, trader, liberal professional, artist etc.

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