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Ms in Fashion and Luxury Goods Management

Training only available in French.

The Master’s degree in Fashion and Luxury Goods Management is the first program that complements managerial lessons with an analysis that combines creativity and stylistic reflection. Thus, students not only acquire a thorough knowledge of the sector and its trades but also a real creative know-how. Study trips to London and Milan or an internship in New York reinforce the international dimension of the curriculum. The training prepares to obtain a Title recognized by the State at Level I: Manager of Operational Unit, Course Management of Luxury and Fashion. This course is available in sandwich courses. The program consists in four semesters for students and three semesters for professionals and alternates. It takes place at a pace compatible with the pursuit of a professional activity: two days of classes per week.

1st year

Implementation of the creative project : The creative project is at the heart of our training. During a to visit the international design fair gives them an insight into the international sector.

2nd year

Towards the professional world : While students will have benefited from both creative and professional course modules, the writing of their professional thesis will be the next step to be taken in order to validate their diploma. The last two semesters will finally materialize their apprenticeship and encourage their professional integration through a long internship, an academic stay abroad or a full time in company for the alternants.

  • Admission

    Have a Bachelor’s degree or a Level II certified degree. Application form: CV, cover letter, letter of recommendation, copy of the last diploma obtained [automatic eligibility for the students of our Bachelor of Luxury Marketing]. Personalized interviews for eligible candidates.

  • Process

    The program takes place over four semesters for students and three semesters for professionals and alternates.
    > Semesters 1 and 2: Core curriculum and Study tours.
    > Semester 3: Professional thesis.
    > Semester 4: Internship abroad. The training takes place at a pace compatible with school / company alternation; Classes take place on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the day.

  • Accreditation

    The Certification “Manager of Operational Unit” [Luxury and Fashion] registered at the RNCP at Level I by decree of July 29, 2014 published in the Journal Officiel of August 9, 2014, issued by the Association for The Collège de Paris.

  • Price

    Cost of training (individual funding): € 12,000 over two years. Possible financing: bank loan, funding mechanisms for continuing education, contract for professionalization subject to finding a host company.

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5 good reasons
to integrate the Ms in Fashion and Luxury Goods Management

  • 1

    The only “Bac + 5″ course combining creative courses with managerial courses in the luxury and fashion sectors.

  • 2

    An international program with two study tours in London and Milan + an optional internship in New York.

  • 3

    A program built in partnership with companies guaranteeing an excellent professional integration.

  • 4

    Rhythm compatible with an employed activity: the training can be followed in rotation, in continuing education or under student status.

  • 5

    The opportunity to deepen a personal project of creation of collection, brand or company thanks to the Professional Thesis.