Pathway “My study in France”

Obtain a higher education qualification in French in an area of excellence!

With the Collège de Paris, you can follow an integrated curriculum for a comprehensive education in French language and culture, then obtain a specialist higher education qualification.

The course is taken over a period of 3 months to one year to get your French up to scratch and allows you to:

– Acquire a sufficient level of independence in order to carry out higher education studies,

– Understand French society to promote better integration,

-Acquire lexical competence essential for the area of specialism.

You will then begin a training course (1 to 3 years) in your chosen specialism: fashion, textile design, luxury brand and fashion management, business management, etc. in another Collège de Paris member school.

The Collège de Paris will support you in all the formalities for coming to France: accommodation, opening a bank account, etc. You will then be personally supported by a teacher in the school during the whole of your course. Cultural activities and thematic workshops will be available to you on a regular basis. The Collège de Paris will guarantee you entry into a French school or university on a course in your chosen specialism.

  • Admission

    Admission is decided on selection according to your case. For absolute beginners in French, one must consider a course of at least nine months minimum.

  • Process

    Sessions are offered all year round. According to your level, you can follow a session guaranteeing you admission to a higher course in September.

  • Accreditations

    FLE quality label

  • Rates

    €5,000 a term or €14,000 for an academic year.

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5 good reasons to take-up the Pathway « My study in France »

  • 1

    A course including the full learning of the French language and culture

  • 2

    Acquiring a level of independence sufficient to follow higher education in France

  • 3

    Acquiring vital lexical skills in the specialist field selected

  • 4

    The option to include a training cycle of the Collège de Paris or a partner school in the field of luxury brands, fashion, design, management,  and gastronomy…

  • 5

    Personalized follow-up with one tutor throughout the duration of the course