Management / Human Resources

The Collège de Paris offers a human resources training program (HRM) and human resource management (HRM) at levels +3 and +5. These courses are available on campus in the Paris Ascencia Business School. Two training methods are possible in HR and management: the alternation or initial training in student status.

An innovative HR and management training sector

The human resource management specialist program received an Innovation Award in the ranking of the Best Masters, Ms and MBAs in 2014. This award saluted its innovative character: it is indeed the first program that deliberately focuses on the use of the web in human resources professions.

Another news is the focus on the marketing of human resources and in particular the value of the employer brand. Students enjoy being together with the marketing and communication sector in order to provide a common core of knowledge in strategic and operational marketing. This skill is now essential for human resources departments.

Accessible HR industry and management training

The management training and human resources within the Collège de Paris is accessible to all levels. The holder of a +3, for example, a Human Resources Degree or general license, will be able to finish his sandwich course to the level +5. But these programs can also be prepared from the post-baccalaureate level, with a solid core, in order to benefit from the complete course of a human resources School alternately.

Historically, l’Institut Supérieur de l’Entreprise was first preparing for the DESARH, proposed by the European Federation of Schools. Several promotions of students have prepared the DESARH alternately, and the European Master of Human Resources Management in the La Défense campus. The Collège de Paris came close in 2013 to Savoie Décision (for level HR +5) and in 2014 to the ISTEC (for the RH level +3) to prepare its students for a HR certification recognized by the state.

The programs for training in management or human resources are deployed on the sites of Paris – La Defense, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Marne-la-Vallée and Evry.

Your questions

  • What is the level required to apply for a Bachelor course?

    To have a validated qualification showing completion of undergraduate studies (BTS, DUT, Licence II…).
    To apply for the bachelor course in « International Commerce » : to hold a Bac + 3 (3 years of post-secondary studies) or Bac + 2 (2 years of post-secondary studies) with two years’ professional experience.

  • Are Bachelor courses recognized by the State?

    The Bachelor course in « International Marketing » leads to obtaining the title of « Person in charge of marketing development and Import/Export  Trade »-Level II).

    Bachelor courses in « Management», « Human Resources » and « Marketing/Sales » are approved by the European Schools Federation and recognized throughout the European Union.

  • What are the possible jobs after the different Bachelor courses?

    After the Bachelor course in Marketing :

    • Person in charge of sales and marketing development
    • Person in charge of marketing-communication
    • Person in charge of sales
    • Person in charge of shop
    • Agency manager
    • Department Manager

    After the Bachelor course in International Commerce:

    • In charge of import-export
    • Head of International Projects
    • International Buyer
    • In charge of marketing international
    • Project Manager

    After the Bachelor course in Management :

    • Person in charge of a profit centre
    • Executive Assistant
    • Administrative and Financial person in charge of SME
    • Supervisor and Manager of SME

    After the Bachelor course in Human Resources Managment :

    • Assistant in Human Resources
    • Person in charge of corporate training
    • Technician in personnel management
    • Assistant to Project Manager for Human Resources
    • Person in charge of recruitment for a company or a practice
  • What is an MS?

    The MS is a specialization training lasting one or two years leading to a recognized qualification at the level  of Bac + 5 (5 years of post-secondary studies).

  • Are the training courses open to international students?

    All training courses are available to international students subject to having the level of study required on admission and to possessing an advanced level of French. The Collège de Paris offers courses including a refresher course in the French language.


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