International programmes (training in English)

International openness is the raison d’être of the Collège de Paris. Our programs are specifically designed to accommodate international students and allow French students to complete their internships or part of their training abroad. Our teaching teams are trained in teaching with multicultural and multilingual groups. At the heart of the program: a high-performance language school specializing in French lessons in Paris in mini-groups, private lessons or combined courses: Elfe.

Within our member school Ascencia Business School, and thanks to the know-how of the different member schools of the Collège de Paris, we offer several training courses in marketing, 100% in English.

- Bachelor’s degree in International marketing
- Ms 2 in International Marketing
- My study in France



  • 31 December 2015

    Rewards for the best Bachelors of the Collège de Paris

    In early December, SMBG-EDUNIVERSAL, global organization whose training assessment rankings are recognized in 153 countries, published the 2015/2016 list of the best French Bachelors. It includes some of the...

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