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Preparatory course

There are many young graduates who wish to move towards creative professions and particularly to occupations related to space, to the object, the visual communication… To enter the schools and universities of architecture, interior architecture, product design, graphic design, or set design, it is important to be prepared at best to calmly face the entrance exam.

The year of initiation of l’Ecole Bleue is centered on the preparation of these specific formations.

Learning the fundamentals, the analysis of business and their training, personal reflection and creative development facilitate the development of a complete and varied artistic portfolio. This portfolio and the cultural reflection needed for its preparation allow our students to have access to the school of their choice.

Whether the will of the student is to follow the graduate school of blue or access another institution, the educational team remains invested, attentive, caring and motivating.

At l’Ecole Bleue, learning requires significant work and attendance.


Architecture, interior architecture, scenography, design, graphic design, visual communication…

A year to prepare for the best schools and universities.
. Learning artistic languages.
. Introduction to space, volume, graphics…
. Realization of a personal and artistic targeted portfolio.
. Development of an analytical and cultural reflection.
. Exercises, tests, mock exams with an analysis of your results.
. Advice on study options

A typical week:

Day 1 – Analytical Drawing, observational drawing, sketch, perspective…

Day 2 – Visual arts, color

Day 3 – Introduction to the space, volume, visual communication…

Day 4 – Culture (art history and current art). Mock exams and guidance

Day 5 – Personal Project

. Conferences in the school

. Cultural visits

. Outdoor sketches (museums, monuments…)

Each student is a member of the association Artistik Rezo –

Evening and Saturday workshop: For students in dual degree or wishing to reorient ; for employees or students with a particular route, workshops are organized in the evenings and some Saturdays.

  • Admission

    Requirements: baccalaureate

    Registration is open from December.

    They are done by appointment, after a friendly interview 30 to 40 minutes. The purpose of this interview is both to discover your motives and help you better feel the spirit and teaching of the blue school.

    Take an appointment at 01 45 89 31 32.

  • Progress

    Classes are held Monday to Friday from mid-September to mid-May.

    The school holidays are those of Area C.


    Tuition: 6 € 450.00
    Registration fees: € 350.00 *
    Maintenance staff input: € 0.00

    * The first year of registration only (Books, annual Club membership Artistik Rezo included)

    ** Amount paid for non obtaining BAC, general sections or STD 2A, on receipt.

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