Gastronomy / Œnology

The Collège de Paris offers two types of training in wine and gastronomy. On the one hand a diploma program: the Master’s degree in Food and Beverage Management, recently awarded in the ranking of Best Masters, Ms and MBAs. On the other hand, cooking classes or wine tasting in short training, possibly coupled with French courses.

Luxury Food and Wine: A French program of excellence

Compared to the traditional Masters Food & Wine, the originality of the Collège de Paris is to provide a dual approach: students are trained in wine and food marketing but also enjoy cooking classes, courses and tasting workshops led by great houses and partners of the Collège de Paris. The program can possibly be funded through a study contract.

This diploma in wine and gastronomy leads to different careers. It can be an interesting step in the formation of a sommelier or a wine merchant. But this training is not directed only to the cooks or wine experts: it concerns also all those, from a business school or agronomist, who want to integrate a program of excellence in wine marketing and gastronomy .

Cooking classes and tasting “à la carte”

For adults or students, cooking classes and tastings are an opportunity to get hands-on with the best professionals. The Collège de Paris organizes its courses in partnership with recognized cooking schools: for example the Ritz Escoffier cooking school or workshop leaders. The tasting courses are usually run by our own wines and spirits trainers.

These courses of gourmet cuisine or exploring the French wines are also an excellent educational activity to complement the French foreign language courses. Culture and civilization modules are also led by French experts of the vine and wine from our fle department. These formulas “French + cooking classes” or “French + wine” are one of the specialties of Elfe, the French school of the Collège de Paris.

Your questions

  • How is the teaching created?

    Our  « Food & Wine » training courses have been created with the support of the best professionals to come out of the most prestigious Parisian houses. They link-up management teaching applied to practical workshops which provide the sensory experience of the trade in gastronomy and wine.

  • Are the programmes available to international students?

    The programmes welcome of course international students, subject to having the level of studies required on admission and to possess an advanced level of French. The Collège de Paris offers courses including a preliminary refresher course in the French language.

  • Do the programmes allow to make contact with the players in the sector?

    Professional course par excellence, the MS includes two study trips, in Champagne and in the Bordeaux region for the 2014-2015 session, an internship and the creation of a personal project to be submitted before experts. The MBA Luxury Food and Wine includes in-house workshops, a professional project and a six-month in-house training period with  in the food, wine & spirits or luxury brand sector.


  • 21 December 2016

    The Collège de Paris opens a new office in India

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  • 7 December 2016

    Visit in Champagne for the Ms Food & Wine

    As part of their training, the Ms Food & Wine went on a study weekend in Champagne for 2 days enabling them to meet industry professionals.

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  • 9 May 2016

    Grand opening of the school year at Hôtel Plaza Athénée

    As every year, our Ms Luxury and Fashion Management and Ms Food and Wine Management’s back to school day will take place in a Parisian palace. The Plaza Athénée...

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