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Bachelor Textile Design

Training only available in French.

Training is organized around two main areas of activity.

  • The first area includes the fundamental and technical courses. It is based on exploration, assimilation and the acquisition of the various techniques of drawing, as well as on the theoretical knowledge of colour, paint, material and the culture of textile design and fashion.
  • The second area includes professional and specific courses.The contents and teaching of the courses are directly related to the professional world, the fashion/home/environment sector. At the time of these professional workshops, students apply their assimilated know-how and skills.

During the three years of a Bachelor Textile Design, students deal with increasing difficulties, and reinvest in specific courses, skills in plastics acquired in the fundamental courses.

First Year

The first year makes it possible to acquire the techniques of drawing and colour, as well as notions of the composition of graphic elements and search for materials. The students deal with methods of creativity associated with primary product application with various techniques of implementation specific to textile.

Second Year

In second year, students deepen and improve these bases by developing more complex projects in the form of prototypes adapted to a professional approach. They also have the opportunity of taking part in professional competitions which enable them to see their work published by well-known companies, partners of Collège de Paris.

Third Year

In the third and final year, students optimize the skills of the first two years by taking-on a personal overall project whose certification is validated by a professional jury at the end of the course. This project also makes it possible to constitute an operational personal file which they propose to companies at the end of their course.


  • Admission

    • To hold a qualification at BA or BSc degree equivalent or a Level II certified qualification

    • Application:
    CV, covering letter, letter of recommendation, copy of last qualification obtained
    • One-to-one interviews for candidates admitted

  • Process

    Three academic years (six semesters).
    Possibility of being directly admitted to the second year for holders of an artistic training qualification.
    28 hours of classes per week.

  • Accreditation

    Level II certified qualification « Designer – Creator Textile and Fashion » recognized by the State.

  • Rates

    Registration fees: €300 .
    Tuition fees: €7,700/yr.

Programme operated by

5 good reasons
for applying Bachelor design textile :

  • 1

    Teaching that develops the creativity and artistic personality of each alumnus  

  • 2

    Acquiring specific knowledge and techniques: textile colours, computer graphics, live models, plastic expression, prototyping…

  • 3

    Professional training in partnership with the great Parisian style and trend centres: training, creative competitions, shows…

  • 4

    Excellent professional insertion when you leave the school and the option of taking a Master

  • 5

    Training approved by a certified RNCP qualification level II – « Designer-Creator Textile and Fashion »