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The Collège de Paris has a full training courses on offer  with short or long courses in the fields of fashion, design, textile textile and luxury brands

Since 1949, l’Ecole Conte has trained textile creators for the greatest style centres or Parisian fashion houses and prepares its alumni for the concours des beaux arts. It is the leading establishment in Paris for the training of fashion designers. The offer is supplemented by the Master in International Management of Luxury Goods and Fashion, the first specialized programme that supplements management teaching through practical classes in computer graphics and fashion design.

The teaching at our schools relies on innovation and experimentation. Our alumni regularly take part in our creative competitions and supplement their training through internship assignments or style centres.

Your questions

  • What are the main differences between Bachelor course in textile Design textile and Fashion Design?

    The textile designer is above all responsible for materials and patterns, both for textile fashion (clothing), but also for the home (crockery, household linen, wallpaper…). The designer himself is in charge of the shape of the clothing/accessory.

    The content of the teaching is also different:  the Bachelor course in textile Design is more focused on design, trends and painted study, whilst the Bachelor course in Fashion Design offers more modelling and design.

  • What is the Fleuri Delaporte workshop ?

    It is one of the oldest training courses in design in Paris which develops a methodology based on high-level technical learning  and experimentation.  L’Ecole Conte offers a creative laboratory space favoring contact,  sharing, motivation and communication centered around fashion. Our students who follow the bachelor course in fashion design thus obtain quality training  in style.

  • What are the differences between the preparatory workshops in art and architecture?

    The preparatory workshop for architecture itself is intended for the national schools of architecture such as La Villette, Malaquais, Val de Seine or even Belleville, Val de Marne. In both cases, the difficulty in competitions requires thorough preparation.  The method developed by Francoise Conte over more than thirty years helps you find your way and gain access to the prescribed job.

  • What is the training course in artistic orientation ?

    The Preparatory Workshop offers to high-school pupils who want to follow an artistic line to test their motiBacion.  One-week training courses are organized during the school holidays to become acquainted with the various techniques of expression and to acquire the basics in drawing and painting.  At the end of the training course, an assessment is given to each participant, as well as information on the types of jobs and the schools of art and architecture.

  • What is the MI Management of luxury brands and fashion?

    The MI ” Management in Fashion and Luxury Goods ” is the first programme which supplements the management lessons with design and drawing classes.  Thus the alumni acquire not only a thorough knowledge of the sector and the types of jobs, but also genuine creative expertise.  The courses take place within the Ecole Conte.


  • 7 December 2016

    Weekend of integration in London for the Ms Luxury and Fashion

    As every year, the Ms Management of Luxury goods and Fashion of the Ecole Conte participated in a weekend of integration to get to know each other, but also...

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  • 5 August 2016

    How to integrate a great school of architecture?

    Marie Laurent and Olivier Larere, outgoing students of preparatory year at l’Ecole Conte, reached as many other students to integrate great public architecture schools. Check out their background and...

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  • 9 May 2016

    Grand opening of the school year at Hôtel Plaza Athénée

    As every year, our Ms Luxury and Fashion Management and Ms Food and Wine Management’s back to school day will take place in a Parisian palace. The Plaza Athénée...

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