Institutional partners

Le Collège de Paris belongs to national and international institutional networks which support and favour the development of our establishments.


  • IALC

    Elfe is a founder member of the International Association of language centres which represents the independent language schools of high quality which teach their mother tongue to foreign students. To become part of the ALC, one must comply with strict standards of quality. Learn more

  • FLE

    The agency for French as a Foreign Language has the aim of promoting to international audiences the offer of FLE centres. Learn more

  • Souffle

    Elfe is a member of Souffle, grouping of French language centres who are united under a common Quality Charter. Learn more

  • Boa Lingua

    Since 1989, Boa Lingua has been organizing and offering language courses all over the world. It is one of Elfe’s historical partners, the French language school of the Collège de Paris. Learn more

  • Aquarius

    The Collège de Paris has signed a partnership with Aquarius Abroad to guarantee its students paid jobs or internships abroad in 24 countries for a period of between 2 and 12 months. For some programs, the Collège de Paris bears the cost of research and support of Aquarius. Learn more